Frequently Asked Questions

Image by: Judah Avenue Photography

Image by: Judah Avenue Photography

Image by Derrik Davis 

Image by Derrik Davis 

Q: I barely wear makeup. Can you make sure I won’t feel “too made up”?

A: At the time of application or consultation I will discuss with you what kind of makeup you're used to wearing and tailor a look that won't make you feel 'overdone' although a consultation is not required for bridal clients it is highly recommended to book one.

Q: Will my makeup last throughout my event/day?

A: Depending on your skin type, it is the oil on your skin that usually causes your makeup to wear off. Cree uses matte (non-shine) based primers and finishing products to ensure longevity. If needed, Cree is also available for hire (depending upon availability for touch ups) throughout your bridal ceremony at the rate of $75/hr.

Q: I have allergies to certain products, what should I do?

A: Let Faces by Cree know immediately about any allergies, Faces by Cree, LLC assumes no liability to allergic reactions from products. Also, if you use special products bring them at the time of your appointment and I can work with that to create a flawless look for your event.

Q: Why does bridal makeup run a higher cost than a standard makeover?

A: Experience, skill, time, luxury and product. Is the simplest way it can be explained! You have spent so much money on your photographer, dress, shoes, jewelry, and reception hall. Why would you want to skimp out on your face? You'll remember those pictures ten years down the line! :-)

Q: I want to book appointments for multiple people, how do I do so?

A: For general non bridal appointments, please book separate appointments on the 'Reserve an Appointment' page. For bridal please email

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my purchase?

A: Please allow 1-3 days for order processing, once your order has been processed shipping can take up to 3-5 business days. Please note business days do not include weekends or federal holidays.



If you still have questions please email


If you still have questions please email

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